Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorites #3

Back again, I see.  Good to see you!  How's the family?  Did that thing you were doing work out?  And what about that stuff, did you decide what to do with it?

OK, enough chit chat, you can get that anywhere.  It's Friday again, and back to Friday Favorites!

FREE STUFF - In honor of Occupy Whatever, I'm ripping a page out of The Bigun's book (that's my eldest daughter) to bring you her recent find - an article with links to freebies - free chocolate, free food, free books - and all without raising taxes or spreading wealth around.  If OWS had good coupon skills and hadn't spent more than the price of a house to get a Masters degree in __________ Studies, maybe we wouldn't see their half-naked bodies crapping on police cars or flags.

RANDALL - By now you've heard the words "honey badger" until you're sick of it.  But did you remember where that started?  Randall does voice-overs of nature videos - his way.  His You Tube channel always has something fun, but get this!  Randall recorded a commercial for Wonderful Pistachios and now has swag!

THIS IS PHOTOBOMB -  Don't know what a photobomb is?  Try this.  And this.  

WHITE WHINE - If you're tired of hearing about famine, war, disease and other problems of the Third World (because it's so, you know, boring) you can take a look at REAL problems of REAL people in the FIRST WORLD!

GUILTY PLEASURE - I have a thing for the '70s.  Chicago + Earth, Wind & Fire = AWESOME.  This many guys on stage making music HAS to be good.  Nobody does music like this anymore; they're too busy being cool to have trombone solos.

GUILTY PLEASURE 2 - OK, I also have a thing for the '80s.  Hardly anyone remembers this band unless they saw the movie Vision Quest, but I played this record until I killed it.  This was before I knew they were raging socialists, but then I didn't care when they created such interesting melodies and love songs.  Besides, Brit Pop got a bad name, and these guys sort of redeem it.


SADDLE UP TEXAS STRAW POLL - Everyone knows Texas is doing better than any other state economically, but by the time Texas votes in presidential primaries, the game's usually all over.  Some of us are working to change that by hosting our own straw poll in Houston before too many states have decided and candidates start dropping out.  Check it out, spread it around, and help Texas have a voice in the presidential candidates at last!

OCCUPY WALL STREET UPDATE - You can watch the crazy live at that link.  You've likely been hearing about the demonstrations across the country against Wall Street, but you should see this.  THIS VIDEO from National Review Online really gets to the heart of the protesters' demands.  And here's your handy guide to hand signals.  You're welcome, and I'm sure you have a few of your own.

PEOPLE I ADORE - In the Unsung Heroes Department, you should get to know Jimmie Bise Jr.  He blogs on his own site and writes for others as well.  PLUS, he has his own podcasts, so you can check him out on the run.  Jimmie is one of my favorite people on Twitter, and I would bottle him up and sell him if I could!

And this week's READING LIST includes a book by presidential contender Newt Gingrich - Real Change.  I'm working my way through all the books of the candidates, but I'm taking my time with this one.  Newt's rising in the polls this week, and four years ago at this time, Rudy Giuliani was the GOP frontrunner.  Just sayin'.

So I hope you enjoy the goodies this week!  It's so nice taking a break from all the other stuff I do other places, coming back here and just being me.  All of me.  All eight of me, if you count the multiple personality thing.  (Oh, snap, did I say that out loud?)