Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Crunchy Crusade

I've combed the internet for pictures of the One Nation rally, the event billed as hundreds of organizations working together "to demand the changes we voted for."

This one seems the typical, though there are some great ones HERE and HERE and HERE, and don't miss this comparison with the 8/28 rally HERE and HERE.

Today on Twitter, the blogosphere and elsewhere, the story is going out that One Nation dwarfed the Beck rally. As if. Even C-SPAN had to "borrow" photos from the Beck rally to cover the One Nation rally, seen HERE.

But the numbers aren't the important thing. Look at the picture again. Look long and hard. Think about what the trashing of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the sacred ground of the WWII Memorial says about those who infested Washington D.C. this weekend.

Of course they're proud socialists. But even that isn't the main thing. The main thing is whether one's actions match one's words.

Here you have a group of groups, in essence, that form the coalition that supported President Obama's election in 2008. Nothing inherently wrong with that. BUT the different constituencies that made for an electoral victory have a code and a worldview that they nearly all support vigorously, whether they come from pro-choice groups, pro-illegal-immigration groups, union groups, green groups, Communist groups or gay-marriage groups, or some other Coalition-of-the-Bilking partner that I blocked out.

The code says that when one group is involved in a fight, all the others must rally to their side with position papers, public statements and the like. The worldview says that the Evil Center-Right Common Sense Extreme Right Wing must be defeated at all costs. It also says that the end result of whatever you advocate doesn't matter, as long as you hold the right "values."

So if, say, you're a green, environmentalist tree-hugging nutjob, and you attend the rally in Washington D.C. Saturday and see all the trash left over, it's ok to walk right by it and head over to Chinatown for some stir-fried tofu. This is because it's not your PERSONAL responsibility to save the planet; instead it's your personal responsibility to petition the government to raise taxes to get someone else to take care of yet another pressing problem. After all, you were THERE, you WITNESSED the terrible state of the nation's capital and BY GOD, SOMEONE needs to do something about it.

It never occurs to these crunchies that they could take ten minutes and leave the place better than they found it. And we know this is not an isolated incident, as this Inaugural record shows. Same crunchies, same modus operandi. (UPDATED with video from the events HERE)

Now, not to toot our own horn, but I've been "First On, Last Off" the grounds at a few rallies over the past months, and never, not ONCE have I seen grounds left worse off than when we arrived. But that's not really the point; the point is that the Left doesn't just DO things inconsistent with what they say they believe; it's that they don't even acknowledge that the two things go together.

Contrast this with the conservative resurgence in the past two years. Have we had our share of nutjobs and slick operators? Oh, absolutely. But when did we ever embrace them? When did we ever take the position that supporting someone really awful was better than letting the folks on the other end of the spectrum attack them unchallenged? Look it up; when tea party or the conservative movement finds some ally acting a fool, you'll frequently see Twitter and Facebook unleash The Full Force of Doom on them from the right. Contrast that with the Left's dogged support of Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi or Chris Dodd, or, (yeah, I'm gonna say it,) any random Kennedy. We know this; we purge those who don't walk the talk. The Left does not.

Nothing is new about these revelations, but consider this: Nowhere online today can you see evidence of remorse at the state in which the Crunchy Crusade left the capital. The disconnect is amazing, and striking in this way...

Those are the people who will be motivated to return to the voting booths this fall and in 2012 to solidify their worldview further into the government of These United States, the worldview that takes all firm foundation away and rejects even the most basic of truths; that what you do is exactly what you are.