Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites #1

Oh, hello there!  I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever.  But I've been, well, a little busy.  But enough about me; how have YOU been?

Seriously, though, I decided to start a new feature for Facebook, called Friday Favorites.  It'll be a collection of online (and possibly offline) places I love, people I enjoy, and stuff I find funny, informative, shocking, interesting or otherwise worthy of mention.  

It'll probably tell you more about me than I really intend to share, but hopefully it'll also give you, my friends, something to look at every week that you haven't seen before.  

And with that, I bring you:

BAD LIP READING - A You Tube channel dedicated to, um, analyzing speeches and such.  I'm not going to spoil it for you.  You have to go there.  Watch this one first, and for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WHILE WATCHING.  You're welcome.

DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT - By now, you've probably either heard of this site or contributed to it.  Based on hilarious mistakes in autocorrect features of text and messaging software, the exchanges are sometimes Not Safe For Work, but always head-smackingly hilarious.

THE PIONEER WOMAN - I've been reading this blog for several years on and off, and the author Ree just keeps making it more interesting.  The love story of her marriage is very compelling; she's such a good storyteller that she had to put it all into a book, which I also recommend.  The great thing about her is how many interests she details in her blog.  There's something for nearly everyone - homeschooling, photography, cooking.  Oh, and cooking?  What she does with photography and cooking combined qualifies as food porn.

U.S. DAILY REVIEW - This new site has a diverse group of contributors (myself included) offering news and opinion.  I include it not only to promote other places I'm writing (though you should check out my social media series there) but because I know some of the authors and they do tremendous work.  You might make this one a daily stop, like the title says.

THE STAGE RIGHT SHOW - Night owls should join me for this USTREAM/Breitbart TV show hosted by Larry O'Connor and Meredith Dake.  Larry is the editor at Breitbart TV and Meredith is now an associate editor at the "BIG" sites as well, and they take on the mainstream media, culture wars, politics, news of the day and Al Sharpton.  If you join us, which you can do at 11 pm Central, you should jump into the Hollywood Chat Pack chatroom, and join the discussion there while watching.  It cranks the whole experience up to 11.

GENGHIS GRILL - OK, this one is probably the one where you're going to say "Oh, Fish, where have you BEEN?" but I was just introduced to this franchise and I'm in love.  Walk in, get a bowl, fill it with raw food, pick a sauce, give it to a man, he cooks it, and it's delivered to your table.  Simplicity.  And Deliciousity.  If you are near one and haven't tried it, DO IT.  I'll wait. 


PEOPLE I ADORE - Every week I want to say thank you to someone for being so awesome.  This week it's Lee Doren.  If you watched the Fox/Google GOP debate last week, you saw him ask this.  He's also responsible for some great work on his You Tube channel How The World Works, and he's recently written an e-book exposing liberal bias in higher education.  Lee is funny, whip-smart, and breaks complex things down for folks like me.  

And finally  THE READING LIST - what I'm reading this week.  Right now it's two fiction books by Perri O'Shaughnessy - Keeper of the Keys and Dreams of the Dead.  Two sisters write the books under that pen name, and their mysteries are always engaging and hard to put down.  The latter book is part of their Nina Reilly series, so start at the beginning with Motion to Suppress if you want to follow along.

That's it for this Friday - Now I'll be accountable for a weekly feature, so feedback is appreciated.  It helps to know someone actually read this stuff, and found something new to enjoy.  Love ya, mean it!