Friday, March 2, 2012

Braveheart is Dead

That was the first thought I had upon hearing about Andrew Breitbart's death yesterday morning, immediately after the one that went "This is a hoax, somehow. Please let it be a hoax."

He was our William Wallace. 

Wallace encouraged the Scots to defy the overwhelming force of the English.
Andrew encouraged us to defy the overwhelming force of the traditional media.

Wallace entreated the Scots not to surrender for a peace that was de facto slavery.
Andrew entreated us to fight political correctness rather than settle for squelching our voices to de facto tyranny.

Wallace took the battle to the English on their territory - England.
Andrew took the battle to the Left on their home turf - Mainstream media and the internet.

Wallace's fighting spirit inspired the Scots to continue the struggle against the English even after his death.
Andrew's fighting spirit reproduced itself hundreds of times over, with a band of warriors ready to step in and take his place in the struggle against the progressives.

Andrew would have laughed to see himself compared to William Wallace, but the line from Braveheart says it best:  

Every man dies, not every man really lives.

RIP Happy Warrior.  You are missed.