Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites #13

Boy, it's been a long time since I did a Friday Favorites!   It's not you, it's me.  Really.  I'm a mess, for a host of reasons, but chiefly because it's 2012 and stuff is happening every day.  Which doesn't help excuse it, but at least people will nod their heads an say "Yeah, I know, right?" and promptly forget about it and move on.

There's a lot to get to today, so let's jump in!

How to Deal With Slow Walkers - This cracks me up - every time.  I totally plan to buy one of these.

Hot Corn Dip - I am fanning myself, I swear.  Yum yum!

Wish I Didn't Know - And you will, but check it out anyway, because where else could you learn about fetching robbery attire and nail growth addiction.

Crime Doesn't Pay - but when beer is involved, sometimes it's very tempting.

Cat Stops Baby From Crying - You know you want this cat.  Squeeeeee!  

How To Make Yourself Charming - I love Gini Dietrich - she always has something helpful to put out.  A pretty good example here, but check out the other things she's done.

Lottery Winner Still on Food Stamps - Yeah, there's no problem in this country, not at all!

Austin Passes Plastic Bag Ban - Who's surprised by this?  Well, don't get to cocky if you love in Houston because...

Houston Attempting to Pass Feeding Ordinance - yeah, don't you DARE get caught sharing food with a homeless person!

TSA Scanners Exposed - Pardon the pun, but check out this video debunking these "sophisticated" full body scanners!  Then see how You Tube Censored It.  

Rush v. The Media - It all started with a Fluke, and went downhill from there, culminating in a series of sponsors leaving Rush's show.  But as expected from the Breitbart-influenced New Media, the story didn't end there. Amy Miller penned this awesome piece, and others have continued to turn the subject back from an imaginary "war on women" to a real discussion of religious liberty and fiscal responsibility.

Michelle Malkin Announces "TWITCHY" - I am loving this news site - even if you don't tweet, you can follow what's happening on Twitter!  Brilliant!

There IS a Tina Fey Effect - I've known this since 2008 and the How Obama Got Elected study.  Go back and look at it.  See what conservatives are up against this time around, and then ask yourself if the culture war is worthless.

RIP ANDREW BREITBART - The best list of tributes you'll find (mine's in there too) and a great testimony to the life of a great warrior.  Check out the BIG sites since the revamp, and also catch our own local "wake" held last weekend in his honor.

So sorry so short, but you'll have plenty to keep you busy until next time!  Love ya, mean it!

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