Monday, March 5, 2012

Who's Boycotting Rush?

UPDATE 3: Michelle Malkin's new site "TWITCHY" will advertise with Rush

UPDATE 2:  It Sucks to be Sleep Train

UPDATE:  There's a sort of discrepancy about who is actually boycotting:

Rush's Statement  -

Screw the Left and their double standards.

Companies pulling their advertising from Rush Limbaugh's show in light of his comments about Sandra Fluke:


More here:

I'll keep you updated if more pull out, and list new sponsors who may come on board as they take up the space used by these losers.


  1. marking off list to do business with...ever. Thanks Felicia:)

  2. Thanks for the list. Those people I will no longer make business for putting their tails in between their legs.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated. Of his advertisers I have done business, I never used them before they advertised with Rush, and have no reason to use them now.

  4. Thanks for the list! I think there's a lot of advertisers who still support Rush