Friday, June 1, 2012

So there's a new thing around the OTN neighborhood...

I'm partnering with RGR_ART, Prue and tksjewelry to bring you BROADSIDE - a new OTNN show debuting on Saturday June 2nd at 9 pm Eastern.  We'll pre-record the show, but we'll host a live chat as it airs, right here on Own The Narrative.

Broadside will focus on news, music, and culture, and whatever else interests us; we'll be talking about anything and everything.  It isn't going to be "The Conservative View" or anything like that.  Rather, it's going to be "Four Women, Big Voices."  Our goal is to utilize the megaphone OTNN has given us and add to the conversation in a way we hope is engaging, thought-provoking and fun.

We'll have news, special features, guests, and all the opinion you can possibly stand.

Thanks to NJlibertarian and Justin giving over their show to us, we had a preview of Broadside during the OTNN Test Tube show Sunday, and you can hear the results HERE and HERE.  And when those links fall off, you can get the sample on iTunes.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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