Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Today's the day - first day of the new year and everyone's making resolutions. Eat less. Exercise more. Read more. Get organized. Spend more time with family.

Yes, I'd like to get all those things into my to-do lists for the year. But politically, I have some resolutions that I have to get put down here.

#1. Track local political races. Though I've been involved in a few races, there are a lot of upcoming elections that I am not even aware of. No more. Starting now, I intend to learn everything I can about the local races. Local officials can get into my wallet and my home much more quickly and directly than the national guys can. In addition, I can get to talk to a local candidate much more easily than I would a Senator or President.

#2. Join a Republican Women's Club. I've avoided doing this because a) I haven't got the resources and b) I don't "do lunch." But I'm going to search out an organization that does more than listen to speakers and hold $1,000 a plate rubber-chicken dinners. Not that all RW groups do that, but that's all that a lot of them that reach my consciousness do.

#3. Recruit more precinct chairs. I've already begun this one, but I need to put it in gear. In elections, the most important asset a campaign can have is "boots on the ground." Filling precinct chair vacancies is a start in the right direction.

There, that's a good start.

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