Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nightmare Scenario

OK, I don't usually get so weirded out by a random thought roaming around between my ears. And I know I promised to concentrate on local topics as much as possible. But on the way home from work listening to a radio talk host discuss Obama appointments, I had a strange what-if come to mind. Or a series of them.

What if the objections some Democrats are raising to Obama's appointments are for show?

What if Senate Democrats are only pretending to have reservations about, say, Leon Panetta?

What if the whole thing is being ginned up by all of them to help Obama separate himself and his image a little from the more liberal of his colleagues?

And what if they all planned this because they learned so well from Bill Clinton about triangulation?

What if this is all a show to give Obama an opportunity to say "I took on my own party"?

And what if it's all designed to position him for a landslide in 2012?


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