Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fiscally Irresponsible

When the opportunity to host a Tea Party of our own in Houston came up, I had about five minutes to decide whether to do it. I made a commitment for a huge sum of money, at least huge for us. I was going to say than for others it would be pocket change, but then, times are tight all over.

It's certainly tight in my own family. My darling, hard-working, supportive and patriotic (pays his taxes) husband found out right before Christmas that his job was being outsourced. At present, he has until the end of April to work out the parting agreement and severance period, but we're trying not to spend on ANYTHING we don't have to.

Still, At the risk of saddling us with more debt and missing some bills this month, I decided we needed to do this in Houston, and I went down to the park and put down the deposit in faith. God, I prayed, if this is going to get done, you are going to have to do it. I asked for donations to help defray the cost, and sent out our Paypal information.

The response was incredible! Not only did people donate over $580 through Paypal, but at the event itself, when I had just written a huge check for the location, people donated over $800 more! Everyone at that rally that pitched in to make sure we could have the event not only saved my family from a financial crisis, but they seeded the opportunity to hold more and larger events.

I'm humbled by the rescue. I'm awed by my own personal bailout. And I'm more determined than ever to see this movement through, to make an impact on the way this country is run.

To everyone that gave at the rally or before, thank you from my heart. My own fiscal irresponsibility was redeemed, and now we can continue the work on Congress' habit of fiscal irresponsibility as well.

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