Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites #12

Hello, my dears!  I hope the week since we've been together has been full of fun, family and food - I know mine was.  Our families enjoyed getting together to celebrate old traditions and create some new ones.  And I learned a few things, too.  Namely, don't play nice in a white elephant gift exchange with my sisters.

So let's hop right in with:

HOW TO WASH YOUR CAR WITH ONE BUCKET OF WATER - It's amazing what one bucket of water will do for a car.  Or to it.

BOX OFFICE STATS HIT 16 YEAR LOW - I can't afford the movies anymore, so this doesn't surprise me.  There are so many movies I want to see now, too, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Muppets, Hugo; I'm even making an exception to my "No Tom Cruise Movies Ever Again" rule and thinking about seeing the new Mission Impossible movie.  But unlike other forms of entertainment, movie theatres don't seem to be very price sensitive.  Even a matinee rate is pretty steep nowadays.

Of course, one reason people are skipping the movies might be 15 BIGGEST BOX-OFFICE FLOPS OF 2011- Admit it - even Harrison Ford teaming up with Daniel Craig couldn't draw you in. Nor could Jack Black in a film with Steve Martin.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR'S EVE - Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have more than just acting in their repertoire - they sing too!

OUR CHRISTMAS ELVES TRADITION - Why Christmas was a little difficult this year.

10 MOST ANNOYING MANAGEMENT TERMS OF 2011- Via The Mister - YES, you should internalize the ideation within the stakeholder community and reach out with the results to them.  Gaaaaaah, this is why I would fail in a real job job.  I don't speak this clearly.

LEFTOVER CHRISTMAS FAIL - I love, love, love reading Failblog, and the holiday fails (and wins) abound, like THIS HEARTWARMING FAMILY MESSAGE or THIS SENTIMENTAL CHRISTMAS STORY.   But for every one of those, there's THIS KIND OF WIN that makes up for it all.  But wait!  There's more!

PARENTING FAIL - nothing makes me feel more successful as a parent than seeing something like this, and realizing that my daughters won't have this to add to their therapy list.

SNOWED-IN WIN - Power go out in your blizzard?  At least your adult beverages will be taken care of in style with a little bit of clever.  But don't let the kitties get into your booze, or THIS COULD HAPPEN.

For your New Year's resolutions, you might consider:

GRAMMAR MATTERS - Learn it, please, for mankind's sake.  

GET ORGANIZED - Well, this is one way to do it, but you'll never find anything ever again.

LOSE WEIGHT - But maybe steer clear of these products.

But there's political holiday news as well...

CHRISTMAS DAY MASSACRE WAS AN HONOR KILLING? - Apparently that little nugget hasn't made much of a stir in the news.

TSA TO EXPAND AUTHORITY TO TRAIN STATIONS - Via Pat Dollard, your friendly TSA Groper Agent is now going to be hanging out in train stations as well!  Happy travelling!

BLACK VOTERS MUST BE ABLE TO KNOW WHICH CANDIDATES ARE DEMOCRATS - Also via Pat Dollard, who really ought to be on your "Read Every Day' list, a Federal judge has ruled that North Carolina's nonpartisan races are a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1965.  Could we live in more insane times?

BROADBAND IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT - Apparently, no, we cannot live in more insane times.

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD HEARD THE LAST OF WEINER - Former congressman Anthony Weiner and his scandals just never go away.

ART LAFFER ENDORSES NEWT - I'm not too surprised by this - Laffer was one of the economists working for Reagan in the 80s.  His endorsement is worth at least a listen.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BILLS MAY NOT WORK AS INTENDED - First, when did ANYTHING Congress passed work as intended?  Secondly, I had a nearly three hour conversation with an Occupy leader recently, and one "aha moment" he seemed to have in our discussion was the lack of "next step" thinking in politics.  When we're in "crisis mode" long-term thinking goes out the window, and we lurch from one quick fix to another.  The Russell Kirk definition of conservatism includes that one needs to examine possible consequences.  We just don't do that anymore.

CONGRESS GETS RICHER - Via Joe Pags, who's surprised here?  Damned crooks.

BARNEY FRANK RETIRES, WITH 7 BONUS DEMS! - Via Sean Murphy, at least 8 Democrat veteran congressvarmints are retiring ahead of the 2012 election.  Hmmmmm...

OCCUPY TICKS OFF IOWA DEMOCRATS - Go figure.  The 99% meme doesn't seem to be playing so well anymore.

RICH ARE UNRELIABLE TAXPAYERS - And not just because they seek out tax shelters.  Turns out the rich have more volatile income, AND their income is more portable.  So yeah, let's base funding massive entitlement projects on autopilot using just the wealthiest 1%.  That sounds like a winning strategy.

This week in PEOPLE I ADORE, I want to highlight JENNY ERIKSON AND ASHLEY SEWELL who host TOP 7 every week, with the top 7 news stories just in time for the Friday office parties and family get-togethers.  Their motto is "You can get your think on, before you get your drink on."  How could you not love that?  Catch Jenny and Ashley on Twitter too.  You won't find better, funnier, smarter, or lovelier babes in the conservative movement.

And on the READING LIST this week, I'm working through the Zombie Survival Guide.  Because, you just never know.

So that's it for this week, and I'll see you next week with another batch of fun, fail, and frivolity!  

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