Friday, April 13, 2012

HCRP Update - Convention Attention

The Harris County Republican Party Senate District Convention (say THAT three times fast) is happening next weekend, April 21st.  If you've been keeping up, you'll notice that the HCRP was forced to change the funding model for the convention at the last Executive Committee meeting, when the body pretty much revolted.  More detail on that appears here.  

(And if you don't know anything about the convention process and want to be a part, or need a refresher course, I'll be teaching Convention 101 this coming Tuesday evening on April 17th, so join us for "Dinner and a Movement." )

But the latest buzz is that candidates will not be allowed to "electioneer" in the hallways, but instead will need to be corralled into a "candidate room."  Maybe the leadership is afraid of frowns from a fire marshal or something, but this really takes the cake.  Apparently the candidates would be too much of a distraction, or get in the way and block the halls.  But by all means, even if we can't trust them to behave in the hallways, let's trust them with public office!

Isn't that #headdesk inducing?

Candidates are letting me know they are not happy with this.  And I know plenty of them who would love to say something publicly, but think it would ultimately be unwise to do so.  Well, the HCRP body spoke for them at the last meeting - I'll help speak for them now.

In lieu of a long story, I'll just gather all the latest links and let you do the reading at your own pace.  But before I do, I want you to think about one thing.

How many times have you complained about the RNC or the Republican Party Leadership?  Are you one of the people who refuses to give the RNC money, and sends it to candidates instead?  Why is that?  Do you feel the national party leadership is competent?  Did Michael Steele disappoint you during his term?  Did you ask yourself how we got these leaders?

Those leaders are chosen in part via the convention process.  At the state convention, the delegates vote on the state leadership and the RNC members from Texas.  Those RNC leaders end up voting for the national party.  It all starts at the district convention.

So if you agree the national party has had its problems, what gives you confidence the local party is any different?  Check out these two sites - Democrat and Republican - and tell me which informs people more, which helps people do political things with ease, which is messaging properly.  Then go check out the links below and tell me if you see a theme running through them.

And if you're as upset by all this as I am, consider whether it's past time for a new leadership model.

Randy Kubosh's Open Letter

Kelly Horsley's Big Jolly Letter to the Editor   

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

"Pay To Play" Convention Covered on Breitbart

The Harris County Leadership Hole


  1. Thanks for the update, Felicia.


  2. Appreciate the information. I do feel compelled to comment regarding one aspect of this whole newsletter mess. Of all the newsletters at least Terry Lowery doesn't call it a "Republican" publication. I can respect a mans 1st Amendment right when he's just expressing a personal opinion.
    The other pay for play newsletters attempt to purposefully mislead the voters into think they are official party publications.

    1. Anonymous, are you insinuating that Terry Lowery is not a true conservative or Republican? I thought that he was?

  3. Theresa,
    No, not at all. What I'm saying is Mr Lowery isn't attempting to trick the voter into thinking his is an official Harris County GOP publication. As the others do.
    The party doesn't take sides, or shouldn't take sides in a primary.
    I'm not doubting Mr Lowerys Conservative or Republican credentials. As an example he has been a advocate for Pro-Life issues for decades.

  4. It's obvious that the crowd running the Harris County GOP is completely incompetent. Too busy blogging about themselves I suppose.

    One state house candidate commented on BJP that she would just talk to delegates in the hallways, then out of nowhere we have this "no electioneering" rule is created. It's like the Dysfunction Junction (i.e. Richmond Avenue) crowd feels its control slipping away, and this Soviet-style rule is a last ditch attempt by the party bosses to remind everybody just who is in control. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Speaking of control, I noticed that ever Terry Lowry didn't endorse the incumbent party chairman in the Link Letter. Did Woodfill forget to mail in his tribute or what?

    1. Gold Bacon, you win the internet AGAIN. I'm laughing out loud about the blogging comment AND the tribute.

      I'd love to hear why Lowry didn't endorse.