Monday, April 30, 2012

OOPS Part Two

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The following is a formal retraction of the claims made in a piece entitled, “Simpson, the Party's FinancialSavior?” The aforementioned piece was based on faulty information which proved to be incorrect.

Here are the facts as I now understand them:

Randy Kubosh was not involved with the introduction or passage of the speaker fees resolution.

Kubosh is not “Democrat-leaning,” is a member of the Republican Leadership Council, President of the Pachyderm Club, and tireless party supporter for many years. The Kubosh family has been engaged notably in conservative efforts to stop red-light cameras, thereby protecting the privacy rights of Houston residents, and have financially supported numerous conservative candidates and causes.

As far as it is known, the Kingwood Tea Party did not condition funding of the HCRP Senate convention on the admittance of Congressional contender Ted Cruz to speak The offer was made without restriction other than acknowledgment of donation. Printing this without multiple sources of corroboration was irresponsible.

Paul Simpson is not in fact causally linked to the resolution governing speaker fees, and the hasty connection of Simpson to this resolution on the basis of faulty information provided to me by Richard Dillon and Bill Kneer, is not a conclusion that is valid short of certain additional information. Both of these individuals provided the information underpinning much of my piece. I can only accept responsibility for my part. I do not wish to participate in a he said, he said form of mudslinging.

For those who briefly viewed an earlier draft of, “Simpson, the Party's Financial Savior?”, it must be noted that since I was not in attendance at the HCRP Executive Committee meeting in question, it is imprudent to discuss what did or did not take place between specific individuals. I withdraw those comments. And I do sincerely apologize to anyone I offended.

What was written in the referenced piece is entirely uncharacteristic of my typical modus operandi as a writer and a journalist. It is my sincere hope that all parties concerned will overlook my honest factual error.

John Griffing


Kudos to John Griffing for setting the record straight, and for doing it so gracefully.  And shame on Kneer and Dillon for misleading John.  It makes one wonder if anything they say can be trusted.


  1. Nope Dillon is a worm and Kneer is a toady. Neither is a trustworthy source of information. Both stand to lose a revenue stream if woodfill loses.

  2. ** What was written in the referenced piece is entirely uncharacteristic of my typical modus operandi as a writer and a journalist. **


    For what organizations/publications?

    1. American Thinker, WND, Canyon News, San Francisco News, Bruges Group, etc etc etc

  3. Anytime somebody doesn't agree with Kneer, Dillon, and Woodfill they are labeled as "Democratic leaning".

    I'm glad they got called out for it this time.

  4. So what is wrong with HCRP? What exactly were or are they trying to hide? Why go to this amount of trouble to defame someone trying to help?

  5. It is a most gracious retraction from Mr. Gidding; however it would be even better if it were linked/added to the erroneous article. I could find no mention of the retraction on the Patriot Statesman website.

    1. There's a very good reason for that, Robin. Richard Dillon and Bill Kneer run the site. One more reason to get them out of local politics.