Friday, May 18, 2012

Stuff I Wrote Elsewhere

I realize that it looks like I'm a slacker.  If this blog is your only interaction with me, then it does look pretty pathetic.  But the good news (possibly) is that I write some other places as well.  When something fits better somewhere else, I put it there first.  But I realized I hardly ever link my pieces here, and I decided to rectify that.  Here's some things I put out elsewhere that I hope you enjoy.

On Own The Narrative (with monoblogs - audio files of the blogs):

Dirty Sexy (Local) Politics
Home from the War on Moms
Orrin Hatch Can Kiss My...
One Nation Under Mob Rule
Test Drive the Health Care Plan
Top Ten Reasons I Couldn't Join OWS
Government Regulation
Boobs on the Brain
The Seduction of "Julia" 

On U. S. Daily Review:

Before you Start Using Social Media
Still Wary of Social Media?
Facebook - Not Just Fun and Games
Google Plus - New Kid on the Block 
Linked In - Social Media for the Businessperson

One Hundred Years
What's The Hurry?
Discussing Occupy Wall Street
Team Obama Loses Edge on Social Media
Occupy - The New Tea Party?
The Story of the Little Red Hen
A Very Political Christmas
Ditch the Cape, Save the Country
Is the Party Over?
Occupy CPAC
Who Runs Like Reagan?
Michelle Malkin Launches TWITCHY
The Seduction of Julia

On The Texas Conservative:

The Little Town that Could
Holding the Line for Smaller Government
Texas and Tax Competition
Houston Rain Tax Morphs into Bike Trails
Occupy Houston - Day One 
Immigration and the Texas DREAM Act
The Ads of Texas
Lies, Damned Lies...
Building Bridges
Get your Resolutions Passed at Convention 
Houston's "Feeding Ordinance" Under Fire
RPT Struggles to Plan Primary, Convention
Redistricting Holds Up Convention Process

On Liberty Juice: 

Tea Party Idol
 What I Learned at the Revolution 
Eating the Elephant 
Don't Touch My Junk! 
Texas, Teachers, and Ticked-off Parents 

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