Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After America by Mark Steyn

This will be on my Reading List on this week's Friday Favorites, but I have to take a moment here and underline it.

Read this book.  

Mark Steyn wrote a hide-under-your-bed scary book called America Alone about the hard truths of demographic trends around the world.  This one is buy-the-bunker scary.

But you should read it anyway.  I'm not any kind of a math whiz, but I can do the addition.  And the multiplication.  We already have full-scale models around the world for EXACTLY what Obama and the Democrats and Occupy Everywhere and the like want to do to the United States.  

We have the luxury of seeing it happen in Europe first, and recognizing that those conditions are alien to Americans.  For now.  We also have the opportunity to make the next year about educating people that they've signed up to cast their future into the fire on the hope that they might get some goodies for themselves or their constituents today.

Who will they blame when their math doesn't work?  They've already started blaming Wall Street.  You're next, because you have stuff.  Eventually, anyone with stuff will be made to give up their stuff.  Either they'll tax you to death or they'll just come take it.  

When a movement can occupy public spaces and claim "ownership" of the people (but apparently only the people who agree with them) then what will the police do when they decide to occupy YOUR space?  If the authorities won't shut them down for failing to follow the rules in public places, will they bother to come to your aid?

Read the book.  Get angry all over again, then DO SOMETHING.  There are elections in less than a month, and you should care.  Because no matter what's going on at the federal level, it's the guys who make the rules where you live that can have the most impact right now on what your life will be like over the next few years.

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