Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Favorites #5

So another week goes by, another excuse to trot out a few of my favorite things.  But I promise not to sing songs from "The Sound of Music," though I am fond of karaoke.  I'll spare you this once.  I'm cool like that.

It's almost Halloween, so let's hop right to it with:

NINJAS - a fun little prank.  I would totally do this.  One day, I'm going to orchestrate an epic flash mob.

SPEAKING OF FLASH MOBS - This one is one of my favorites.  Japanese people do interesting things on television.

TALK ABOUT SCARY - Stars photographed without makeup!  You'll never have one of those self-image problems again.

IF PUMPKINS ARE MORE YOUR THING - definitely check these carvings out.  Art, I tell you.

REALLY BAD COSTUMES - Definitely Not Safe For Work.  Or much else.

MUCH SAFER COSTUMES - Safe for anything, and sometimes adorable!

BEST AND WORST HALLOWEEN CANDY - Oh, snap, now I'm hungry.  

MORE FOOD PORN - I love the idea of Bento Boxes.  One day I'm going to learn how to do this amazing food creativity.

WHO NEEDS ANGRY BIRDS? - Before Androids came to live at my house, this is where I unwound.  Bonus: great squish noises occasionally, and groans and squeals.  Plus, a whole world where you can create your own challenges, or test others' creations.

OH, UNCLE JAY - One of my favorite You Tubers has had to put the camera down for a while to take care of his otherwise packed schedule.  But you can still go back to his channel and watch the archives, which are invariably funny, until he picks it up again.

LIVING WITH AN ENGLISH MASTIFF - Three dogs, one mess.  Find the culprit.

For your Occupy Whatever update this week, we have some very interesting tidbits:

"NEW RECRUITS" - Well, if you call Rikers' released convicts 'recruits'.  Apparently these folks only like convicts while they're languishing in prison, not when they're camped out in the tent next to theirs.

THIS SIGN is probably the best of the written signs currently in vogue among members of the movement.


HOWARD STERN gets to the bottom of why the Occupy crowd is, well,... occupying.

And before my last political link, let me take a moment to institute a new policy.  I am always caught off guard by gut-bustingly funny videos that make me laugh so hard that I snort my drink out my nose, or spew soda on my video monitor.  I vow that I will give you fair warning when one of those will be posted, with a neat little tool called the Spray Factor.  It'll be a ranking between 1-10, with 10 being a deluge of potential spray.  I'll warn you so you'll have time to swallow your drink or finish that bite of cake before clicking.  You can thank me later. 

That said, check out BASEMENT BOY here. WARNING: Spray Factor of 8.

This week's installment of PEOPLE I ADORE stars JONAH GOLDBERG.  Jonah has been writing for the National Review Online for quite a while and serves as editor-at-large, and slays me with his intelligence and sense of humor.  He's also prolifically on Twitter, and has a newsletter I highly recommend signing up for.

And on the READING LIST this week is my long-awaited copy of Andrew Breitbart's RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.  This has been a fascinating read.  Breitbart is obviously a genius at culture wars, strategy and current events, but I did not expect him to be such a compelling storyteller.  I'm savoring this book the way I savor a great dinner; chewing it slowly, appreciating the flavor, and reluctant to see it come to an end.

So, sweeties, I hope your weekend is full of joy.  Go tell someone special to you that you love them.  Tell them for no reason.  You'll be glad you did.

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