Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favorites #6

Friday's back, is it?  I hope you had enough with last week's installment to keep you busy.  This is a week when I could use a good laugh, so let's jump right in, shall we?

ZOMBIE UNIVERSITY - If Halloween doesn't last long enough for you, and it takes too long between episodes of The Walking Dead, you can study your zombie theory here.  Bonus: PUPPETS!

FATHER/BRIDE DANCE - You've seen all the boring ones; get a load of this clever bride and her fabulous father.

FORGOTTEN PUNCTUATION - My sister found this one.  Grammarian that I am, I did not know these punctuation marks.

OPTICAL ILLUSION WATERFALL - This guy is waaaaaay clever.  I'm still trying to figure out how this was done.

EDIBLE BOOKS - I'll have to spend more time perusing this site, because this?  Totally rocks.

SPEAKING OF FOOD - More funny food pictures.  Caution: some aren't exactly, um, clean.

STILL MORE FOOD - Hee!  Google-eyed pickles, even.

AS SEEN ON TV - I admit it - I've always been a sucker for commercials.  Infomercials just made it worse.  At least now I can still see what the latest thing is without having to sit through crappy television shows anymore.

And the best news in OCCUPY WHATEVER this week:

THE JOB FAIR AT OCCUPY DC - This is hilarious, trust me.  Accuracy In Media scores big with this one.

OCCUPY OAKLAND VANDALIZED WHOLE FOODS - Yeah, crunchy businesses?  You're just praying the crocodile eats you last.  Whole Foods at least was standing up against the Obamacare mess.  Watch out, Men's Warehouse - this truce won't last.

PROTESTING LIKE EUROPE DOES - If the left wants us to become like Europe, at least the Occupy protesters are making an effort to lead.

OCCUPY IOWA CAUCUSES - I swear, anyone taking these people seriously as a movement for positive change needs to lose my number, and fast.

TEST YOUR POLITICAL IQ - 11/11 right here.  What did you get?

In this week's PEOPLE I ADORE, well, it isn't really one person, it truly is PEOPLE.  I bring you MISFIT POLITICS!  They just launched their website this week, and it's full of goodness like THIS, and also THIS.  I mentioned them for Friday Favorites #2, but now their website can start getting the attention it deserves! 

And on the READING LIST this week, I'm reading Call of the Wild with the Little Critter.  She's reading it for school, and I read everything that she does.  It's still a good story.

See you next week, and in the meantime, be good.  It's getting near the holiday time, and you know who else makes lists... I'm just sayin'.

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