Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Favorites #9

Happy Black Friday!  Or something.  Did you have a great Thanksgiving?  Did you brave those crowds in search of great deals?  I can tell you, I think I'm about over Black Fridays forever.  It just never works out for me.  I'm sure it's my lack of a system, or a particular deficiency in my genetic makeup or whatever.  But I'm glad I missed this:

PEPPER SPRAY AT WAL-MART BLACK FRIDAY - Yeah, so this happened.  People are crazy.  In other news, water is wet.

BLACK FRIDAY RAP SHEET - CBS News has quite an impressive list of consumer insanity.

OCCUPY BLACK FRIDAY FIZZLES - But you knew it would, didn't you?  Seriously, it is becoming more and more obvious that the Occupiers aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

OK, enough Black Friday mess.  You have more important things to think about.  Like:

WELCOME HOME FROM THE POOCHES - This actually had me laughing and crying at the same time.

CHERRY COKE FLOAT CUPCAKES - What is a Friday Favorites without amazing food?

AMAZING PHYSICAL ABILITY - This guy has kinetic talent like you won't believe.  Just watch.

CHUCK NORRIS - WORLD OF WARCRAFT - All I have to say about this is "AHAHAAHAAHAHA!" 

HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WAS DEVELOPED - An interesting video that explains in about ten minutes how our jacked-up, beautiful language actually picked up so much from elsewhere.

NEWS 92 FM DEBUTS IN HOUSTON - This week the long-awaited return of Houston radio news icons Lana Hughes and JP Pritchard finally occurred on their new station, along with many other familiar names, such as Brent Clanton and Mike Barajas.  You can hear their first hour ever from Monday here.

COMPARING SNL SKITS - An interesting read about the presidential candidates treatment at the hands of the SNL writers

And now, in Corruption Watch this week:

BAD BUDGETING IN MICHIGAN - Although that isn't all that's wrong with this Wayne County executive, it's where you start.  This guy is unbelievable.  What they did to Meals on Wheels should be criminal.

SEIU TAKING UNION DUES FROM MEDICAID - Stop whatever you're doing on click on this story now.  I'll wait.  OK, you back?  Did that just piss you off?  It should.  While we're seeing a lot of arguing over bait issues on the conservative side, this stuff quietly happens, and we aren't watching.  

OCCUPY COSTING CITIES OVER $20 MILLION - Gateway Pundit has the breakdown.  I'd like to see how much Tea Parties cost the cities.  Oh, wait, we paid our own way...

SUPERCOMMITTEE FAILS TO REACH AGREEMENT - In other news, the sky is blue.

TEXAS REDISTRICTING MAPS - Texas gets the shaft - AGAIN - from the Civil Rights Act.  Even when you win, you lose.

MORE ON SOPA - STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT - The main thing you need to know about any legislation from Washington DC is that whatever the name of the act is, it will do nothing that you think it will, and have a ton of "unintended" consequences that are all bad.

THE LITTLE RED HEN - My take on an old children's story, retold for the Age of Occupy

I almost forgot - SADDLE UP TEXAS VIP TICKETS - The VIP Dinner tickets (sold separately from admission tickets) are on sale now!  Buy the admission tickets here - they're going up in price in a few days!

And finally, in this week's PEOPLE I ADORE, meet JOHN NOLTE - Editor-in-Chief of BIG HOLLYWOOD.  He watches all the dreck in Hollywood so we don't have to.  And he cheerfully takes on the Left whenever he can, and mocks the media for their skewed coverage.  You need to keep up with Nolte.  Follow him on Twitter too.

And on this week's READING LIST, I'm working my way through THE END OF PROSPERITY from Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore and Peter Tanous.  Written right before the 2008 election, it's uncanny how much of the subsequent events they predicted.  So much smart in one book is bound to be an education.  Heed the warnings, people; these guys know what they're about.

So that's what's up this week - remember tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and Monday brings on Cyber Monday, so today isn't the end-all of shopping. Hang out with the family instead!

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