Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shocking Election Results

Ehhh, not really.  What, did you think things were actually CHANGING or something?

Silly you.

For the record, before the rant, unofficial election results found here:

     City of Houston

     Texas Ballot Propositions

If you know me at all, you know I've worked for years to educate voters on issues as well as on the elections process.  I've developed and hosted dozens of training classes, given scores of speeches, written innumerable articles and blog pieces, answered tens of thousands of phone calls and e-mails, and submitted thousands more informative articles to my sphere of influence over Facebook and Twitter and other platforms.  

I'm not your average bear.

What I am is passionate - passionate about helping people navigate the political system and understand how to change things where they are.  It's what I've done for years, long before there was a tea party.  I know most people aren't into politics the way I am, and that's okay - there's more to life than politics.  But I've always believed that on some fundamental level, people get the government they deserve; and a disengaged electorate is certainly begging for an intrusive, bloated, out-of-control government.

Congratulations, people.  You've still got it.  Here are some facts to peruse.  No casting of blame yet, just reporting the facts.

  • Only 13% of Houston's registered voters cast a ballot in the mayor's race
  • District C had the highest turnout, with over 18%
  • A 1% increase in turnout in most races would have been able to change the outcome of that race if focused on one candidate
  • Out of 18 city races, only 4 will go to a runoff
  • Statewide, no ballot proposition received even 5 1/2% of turnout

I lost a family member last week, and another earlier this year, each of whom had worn this country's uniform to defend our rights, each of whom had an abiding interest in politics and the success of this country.  I can't believe their service receives this kind of turnout in the way of thanks.  That isn't thanks; it's an upraised middle finger.

More later; I'm just too angry to be civil right now.

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