Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites #8

Hello, my pretties!  What a week it's been!  This post may have to hold you over a couple of weeks, in case my planned Turkey Coma extends into next Friday.  So let's hop into the yummy goodness with:

ALTON BROWN'S TURKEY (BAKED) - Yeah, cinnamon?  Really?    

BLACKENED TURKEY - Do this if you have no life and like to impress people with how much time it took you to do this.  

PAULA DEEN'S DEEP-FRIED TURKEY - Well, I'd watch Alton Brown's SAFER method before ever trying this.  Somehow it's more fun for me to watch people do this than actually do it myself.

And when you're looking for things to do with turkey leftovers:

PIONEER WOMAN'S TURKEY TETRAZZINI - Warning, food porn alert!

TASTE OF HOME'S TOP TEN - There's bound to be something here that won't be difficult to fix.  The problem with most leftover recipes is they take almost as much work as the original turkey, or they're too simple to be anything but leftovers that taste like Thanksgiving dinner.

BEST 50 THANKSGIVING SIDES - in case you were looking for something new to try.  I tell you, my mom's buttery sliced potatoes and corn pudding never seem to make it to the table at the holidays; I'll have to change that. 

And for dessert...

THAT PIE ON THE COVER OF PARADE MAGAZINE - You know it looked so pretty.  You didn't know it was this easy!

CHOCOLATE HOT MESS - OK, it's really called Chocolate Mess Cake, but since it's made in the crockpot, I like my name for it better.  Set it and forget it until it's time to eat.  

AWKWARD HOLIDAY PHOTOS - No comment.  You haven't see mine.

"SODA" V. "POP" MAP - This is stranger, and probably more defined, than the Mason-Dixon line.

AWESOME STREET ART - You can hardly believe some of these.

OK, time to check in with OCCUPY!!!

OCCUPY MOM GETS ARRESTED - Remember that FL mom who abandoned her family to go to Occupy Wall Street?  Yes.

OCCUPY SOME TRUTH - The Army You Have's great song in response to OCCUPY

QUESTIONS YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK TEA PARTY - Watch this, and ponder the mysteries of the movements.

BEN SHAPIRO WALKS THROUGH OCCUPY LA - The photo essay says a lot about the Occupiers, and not what they probably want said.

OCCUPY AIN'T NO TEA PARTY - There. I said it.

In other news:

ICYMI - 60 MINUTES ON CONGRESSIONAL INSIDER TRADING - Yeah.  These are the people who write the laws.  We're doomed.

BACKLASH AGAINST THE BOOMERS - Great analysis of what those hippies did to our country.

SOPA PRIMER - The next threat to internet freedom?  Here's where to start looking for information on the Stop Online Piracy Act.

WHEN "I QUIT" WASN'T ENOUGH - Check out this statement from a commodities broker about why she is getting out of the business.

THINGS TO START HOARDING NOW - Angel suggests some things you probably didn't think of, whether preparing for bad weather, power outages or random zombie apocalypses.  You never know.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  

PEOPLE I ADORE - This week I want to tell you about PAT DOLLARD - Pat writes for the BIG sites; Big Government, Big Peace, Big Hollywood.  Pat also has a Twitter account which you should follow if you want to keep up with, oh, just about anything.

And this week's READING LIST features Charles Dickens' BLEAK HOUSE, which is excruciating only because I have to keep referring to the notes for terminology.  Essentially, I'm almost halfway through, and the book is exploring how a whole bunch of unconnected people get caught up in this horribly twisted legal mess of a case.  Yeah, seems kind of timely, actually.

On a very serious note, in our family this year, we've suffered the loss of both my father and father-in-law within four months.  This will be our first Thanksgiving, Christmas etc without them.  I just wanted to say, make your memories count.  Whatever fuss you might have with someone, think about whether that is where you want to put your energy with your precious amount of time together.  OK, have a Happy Thanksgiving, be sweet to each other and enjoy the holiday.  

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