Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites #2

Well, hello, friends!  Back for more political analysis and insightful viewpoints?  I didn't think so.  I might try to sneak something like that in once in a while, you know, the way your mom put shredded zucchini in your spaghetti so you'd eat your veggies.  

So this week, we're jumping right in with:

ZOMBIES!!! - One of my favorite You Tube Videos, it'll get stuck in your head.  Watch it anyway.  It's one of a series by Jonathan Coulton called "Thing of the Week" where he tasked himself to churn out something interesting and creative each week.  Win.

RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES!!! - I remember CRACKED magazine as a kid, but what they do online is off the charts.  These zombie articles about How a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen and Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail Quickly just fuel my zombie obsession.  Gotta do something until Walking Dead returns.

Back to You Tube, you'll want to go watch some things on the SMARTER EVERY DAY channel.  Destin puts together videos that are probably best described as Mythbusters in your backyard.  He's explored things like microwaves, Dragon's Breath ammo, and chicken heads.  

And if you like that, you won't want to miss ROCKET CITY REDNECKS, new to National Geographic Channel.  More backyard rocket scientists, more explosions, more geek cool.

One last You Tube video, at least for this week, OKGO AND FRIENDS - "WHITE KNUCKLES".  An incredible one-shot video with the band and some furry friends.  OKGO always has great videos (these are the treadmill guys) and play around with concepts from Rube Goldberg machines to muppets.  They almost always make a "behind the scenes" video with each one, and you'll want to watch the White Knuckles one.  Trust me on this.  Oh, and they have some great music too.

MY FOOD LOOKS FUNNY - I have a thing for food pictures.  I'm all about Tweet What You Eat, but this site takes the cake.  Literally.  I especially like this pizza sign, because clever!  But be careful; this site leads to a lot of other time-sucking sites we'll visit later.  You've been warned.

NANOWRIMO - November is National Novel Writer's Month, and NANOWRIMO encourages writers to work on (and try to complete 50,000 words of) a novel in a month.  If you've ever thought about writing a novel, now's the time and this is the place.  Or you can just go read what diligent, hard-working committed people do, then go eat a snack.

It wouldn't be a blog I had anything to do with if there wasn't SOME political stuff going on in it.  so...

CHICKS ON THE RIGHT - I'm enchanted with Daisy and Mockarena's take on the issues of the day.  Plus they're funny and gorgeous, so even if you're not particularly political, go anyway!  They make it easy to follow the news and not do a head desk.  Or, if you do, you can recover with their pictures.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD - A BOOK FOR LITTLE PATRIOTS - Amelia Hamilton has written a sweet little book to introduce the love of our country to children.  It's just precious, and if you know some little critters who could use a little foundation in America, order a few and support a conservative author.  Christmas is coming, so knock a few items off your list with this book.

MISFIT POLITICS - The genius outfit that brought you ATTACK WAAAAATCH is on Facebook, and getting their website ready.  Keep an eye on these guys; Glenn Beck steals from THEM.  More on them later, too.

BIG GOVERNMENT ON SOLYNDRA - If you aren't following the Solyndra scandal, you'd best get caught up.  Larry O'Connor has been hammering on this with his series there.  Check it out.  This is serious stuff.  

This week in PEOPLE I ADORE, you really, REALLY need to get to know Smart Girl Michelle Lancaster.  Check out her blog at The Jersey Texan to keep up with everything from local doings to national politics.  And you can follow her on Twitter as well, which you will not regret, ever.  In fact, you'll pay me a finder's fee.  I take Pay Pal.  And chocolate.

And the READING LIST this week - I've been reading Terri Blackstock's Cape Refuge series while I wait for Breitbart's Righteous Indignation to get here.  And I just picked up Janet Evanovich's SIZZLING SIXTEEN.  The movie based on her first Stephanie Plum book, ONE FOR THE MONEY, is coming out soon, so start there and get caught up.

Enjoy, people!  Love ya, mean it!

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