Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites #4

Oh, hellllllooooooo darlings!  Has a week already gone by?  Friday is here again?  Oh, well then, I'd better get right to it.  You don't have a lot of time to waste if you're going to be ready for the weekend!

JERRY DOG - Technology for animals, it's coming.

WHITE TRASH REPAIRS - I totally get this.  Admit it, you do too.  Because you never know when you'll have to inform people bout THIS, or figure out how to make one of THESE.  Which, if I skipped a few recycle pickup days, I could.  But watch out for THIS when you're hanging with the guys.  Sneaky, sneaky rednecks.

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING - but is that a smart place to put it?

LIVE FROM DARYL'S HOUSE - I am completely smitten by the idea of this.  Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates) created his own very successful webshow.  He invites other musicians, old friends and new acquaintances, and they have jam sessions in Daryl's house in New York.  I discovered some new artists like CHROMEO and DIANNE BIRCH (but watch it on LFDH for the best version) and ELI "PAPERBOY" REED.  There are some old Hall & Oates songs redone as well for some new creations.  Don't miss this.

FAILBOOK - Many of us have a Facebook fixation, but this is why you need to hang out at Failbook too.  Think of it as a What Not To Do.  Because you never know when Occupy Wall Street counseling might be needed, or say, presidential trivia assistance.  

KEYNES V. HAYEK ROUND 2 - Austrian economics has never been so easily explained.  Or catchy.  Or clever.  Or stuck-in-your-head, hip-hop good.

OCCUPY WALL STREET UPDATE - What if OWS signs were actually letters to advice columns?  Lori Ziganto is freaking brilliant.  That is all.

And while we're on the subject, can we dispense with the inaccurate Venn Diagram about the difference between OWS and Tea Party?  THIS is much better at explaining it.

This week in PEOPLE I ADORE, DAVID JENNINGS of Big Jolly Politics.  DJ has been tracking politics in Texas for a few years now, and always has a take that makes you stop and think.  He's on Twitter and Facebook too, so he's easy to find.

And on the READING LIST this week, Mark Steyn's AFTER AMERICA.  This has given me so much food for thought, so much insomnia, and so much heartburn.  Schools spend hours and hours teaching our kids to search for patterns, but we often fail to do it ourselves.  I can't read this in large doses, either, or I'll quickly be looking for survivalist training.

But chin up, folks, the weekend is here, bringing more baseball, more Walking Dead, and my own appearance on The Civil Right streaming on KNTH at 1 pm Central on Saturday.  Ought to be fun!

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